2 Videos from our “Tour” w/ Gysy Wig!

Recorded live at the Vinyl Lounge in Nyack, NY by Pete of Drink More Records.



Review from Spike Hill

We played last night with I am the Third and The Golden Age of Transit at Spike Hill in Brooklyn. Its a pretty sweet spot and was nice to get to Brooklyn again. Matt from the Vinyl Lounge in Nyack, NY did a review on Surface Noise. Here is the review but make sure to check out the link to see his other posts!

“Melissa & Paul played at Spike Hill in Brooklyn last night. 

Oh Boy… I don’t even know where to begin. 

If you haven’t heard them or heard of Melissa & Paul yet – you will.  Soon, they will be playing shows where it will take you 10 minutes to move 3 feet to the bar to refill your PBR pint.  I have no doubt.

There is something so fresh and so raw and so exciting about what the guitar/drum duo are doing.  Their double 7” (Distractions/Goin’ Home) still continues to blow me away with each listen, and seeing them live is just a great big sigh-of-relief for Rock n’ Roll. Finally. No pretention and no alchemy. Just extreme blues-driven garage punk that shifts the earth off its axis a little more everytime they perform.  

I’m not sure how many old blues records singer/guitarist Melissa has digested in her lifetime, but one thing is for sure – she has got it down.  And her occasional blood-curdling screams are so visceral at times, it is almost disturbing – in a strangely comforting kind of way. 

Paul being such a rock-solid, hard-hitting drummer is an interesting compliment to Melissa already, but at times it almost feels like he is writing harmony with the drums rather than just holding it down.  its got fucking character and it seriously rocks.

Get out and see Melissa & Paul perform. They do it a lot.  Pick up their double 7” (available at Vinyl Lounge in Nyack) and like myself, anxiously await their next release.”

Places your can get our double 7″

We did our best to distribute our double 7″ to any record store we came across, or had to go a little out of our way for.  Here is a list of those stores!

-Vertigo Records in Grand Rapids, MI
Underground Sounds in Ann Arbor, MI
Plan 9 Records in Richmond, VA
-Renaissance Records in Birmingham, AL
-Celebrated Summer in Baltimore, MD
-Record Breakers in Chicago, IL
-Vinyl Lounge in Nyack, NY

We also have it in a few places in NJ…
-Eyeconik Records in Franklin (moving to New Mexico)
-Sound Exchange in Wayne

We also set up this mail order page HERE.