Photos from the Tuscan Cafe last night thanks to Chris Postlewaite


Photo/Video Update from Release Show Weekend!

Thank you to Kevin Carafa for these snaps from Sunday at Eyeconik Records.  He continues to excel at everything he does.  Click for full size.   Click more for videos and more pictures and video!

Tiernan’s First Show!

“Distractions and Honeydew” thanks to Eric Durkin.


Come Celebrate the Release of our Double 7″ at

One or more of these!

@The Stanhope House
w/The Screaming Females, &Les Trois Chaud
$10, 18+ Prob starts around 8:30.

@ The Tuscan Cafe
5 South Street Warwick, NY
w/ Maya’s Ruin, Dead Ringer, Our Daily Fix

@Mckibbin Lofts
Apt 106 255 Mckibbin St
w/ JapanicAttack!, Technicolor Lenses, Bill Bartholomew, The Rex Complex & Keith Kenny

@Eyeconik Records
116 C State Route 23, Franklin, NJ 07416
w/ Gypsy Wig, Annoying Customer, Rabbit Troupe, & Ettiquette

Come Celebrate the Release of Our Records!

Did you guys notice…

We reached our freakin’ Kickstarter goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A huge thanks to the following people:
Leah Jones
Jessica Lucciola
Patrick Llewellyn
Tyler Hahn
Michael Schierman
Aunt Mary Ann
Grandma Grace
Bryan Kwasnik
Kristin Field
Justin & April from Eyeconik Records
Patrick Flynn
…and to all the people who posted the link around facebook!

There are still 4 days to go if anyone is still interested in a prize!
Click here to see!

This is a huge help for the cost of our Double 7″ EP coming out with the titles “Distractions” and “Goin’ Home.” We are really excited for the test presses to come…Paul diligently checks his mailbox like 3 times a day but unfortunately they haven’t come yet. Maybe they will be there today……=).

Anyway, we had a really fun music week last week. We went and saw The Flops last Friday at the Tuscan…most fun band ever. We also saw Ottovon Bismarck who gave us full body massages with the loudest bass I ever heard in my life. My heart literally skipped during their set cause it didn’t know how to handle the vibration…I felt like I was being defibrillated back to life.

Also, on Saturday, the Grifters opened their home for “Bajanapalooza,” where we played a show for the first time in a while! Everyone killed it that night…seriously it was a really cool show. Thanks to Stephanie Diaz for putting it on! It was so much fun to get back into it…and I’m excited cause we have a ton of shows coming up in the near future. Next one is Record Store Day at Eyeconik Records on April 16th with a ton of other bands.

Well, thats all. Stay safe, fun, and beautiful.

PS – We now have a Facebook. Like us if you like us! ❤