New Video(s) and more!

Here’s a video of us playing “Honeydew” on Wednesday at the Stanhope House. Ian Keller of the Painters shot this and the others.  Click HERE to check out his awesome minimal blues/garage rock type stuff…really good voice!   Click MORE  for videos of Mike Ambrose and Snowbirds!  In other news, we’re joining Kevin Carafa today to do the final mixing and mastering of our upcoming release!



A Valentine’s Recording Update

Happy Valentine’s Day!  We spent the day with Kevin Carafa yesterday working on our mixes from the live session we had a few weeks ago.  The result is something that we’re really happy with and we’re eager to share it with everyone.  We came up with a rather ambitious plan for a series of releases involving these recordings and more that we aim on doing in the near future.  We’ll post more about that as it develops.  Keep checking back; we’ll most likely be posting a track or two soon!  Enjoy this stint of warm weather we’re about to get.  Hope to see you Wednesday at THIS where we share the Stanhope House with Snowbirds and Mike Ambrose who are both worth checkin’ out so click away!

Thanks to Dave “Reckless” Spangenburg for this photo!  Check out his other photos HERE!