On 7.21.11 we played a short set on Indie Rebellion Radio with Garvey Potter as part of an interview using a practice amp and a homemade drum set.   We put the EP up as set your own price/free from now until September 18th, 2011.  Any money we make off of this will be directly donated to Rebuilding the Silent barn via their Kickstarter. Don’t feel obligated, we do not discourage downloading it for free, we’re just going to donate everything we make (should we make anything) to this cause.

Listen here:


Photo/Video Update from Release Show Weekend!

Thank you to Kevin Carafa for these snaps from Sunday at Eyeconik Records.  He continues to excel at everything he does.  Click for full size.   Click more for videos and more pictures and video!

Tiernan’s First Show!

“Distractions and Honeydew” thanks to Eric Durkin.


New Song Live @ Site Fest (Brooklyn, NY)

Thanks to Cody of ColorfulLens for shooting this at our show last Friday (March 4th) when we played the Site Fest Launch Party at Brooklyn Fireproof.  Well, technically we played on Saturday morning.  Either way, we can’t wait to get back!  Enjoy!

New Video(s) and more!

Here’s a video of us playing “Honeydew” on Wednesday at the Stanhope House. Ian Keller of the Painters shot this and the others.  Click HERE to check out his awesome minimal blues/garage rock type stuff…really good voice!   Click MORE  for videos of Mike Ambrose and Snowbirds!  In other news, we’re joining Kevin Carafa today to do the final mixing and mastering of our upcoming release!