A Video From Eyeconik Records on Sunday

Support your local record store!  EYECONIK RECORDS ON FACEBOOK.  We’re playing there electrified again on April 16th.  They will also be carrying our double 7″ when it’s out…Thanks to Justin for filming this.  We may have more up soon from a different camera. It’s a fragment kinda day…


New Video(s) and more!

Here’s a video of us playing “Honeydew” on Wednesday at the Stanhope House. Ian Keller of the Painters shot this and the others.  Click HERE to check out his awesome minimal blues/garage rock type stuff…really good voice!   Click MORE  for videos of Mike Ambrose and Snowbirds!  In other news, we’re joining Kevin Carafa today to do the final mixing and mastering of our upcoming release!


A little snippet of a new jam…


Playing Brooklyn Friday and more!

We’re stoked to share that we’re returning to Good Friend Electric (255 Mckibbin Street apt 110) in Brooklyn this Friday to rock out with our friends, The Flops and more!  We just listened to The Flops’ demo and it’s awesome- a good mix of thrash, punk and in-your-face rock!  Thank you Tyler for having us back!  There’s also talks of us playing there on Melissa’s birthday…more on that soon.

We may be hitting up the show at the Underground before our trek to Brooklyn to see Rabbit Troupe, Gypsy Wig (New project from ex Birth Screams and Steve’s War– think Dinosaur Jr.)  and more!  In the meantime, click the image below to check out this high quality video of our song “Ocean,” which we’re recording on the January 22nd.

Eric Durkin shot this during an early New Year’s celebration at the  Stanhope House on 12/29/10.  It’s just a small snap of what was a very memorable evening.  We suggest you check out his vimeo page, especially his short titled, “Routine.”  Definitely hits home…ENJOY!

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