Pics/ Video From Stanhope House on 11/23

Thanks to LITTLE PUNK PEOPLE!  Also, our 75th show of the year is tonight (85th overall)!  Rockaway.



On October 1st and 2nd we recorded with Kevin Carafa.  As of now, we aim to release these songs as a 10″ and a tape.  The tape may or may not have bonus songs on the b-side and will be a very limited release!  More info on that session HERE!  Keep checking back for updates on this.  We definitely wanna play a release show or two, or three!  In the meantime, if you can make it to Maxwell’s for the Don Giovanni Showcase tomorrow, that would rule!

Basement Demos & Maxwell’s Next Weekend!

While in the process of figuring everything out for our next release, we wanted to share something with you that we had hidden in our computers for some time now! We recorded these in the winter of 2010 prior to recording with Kevin Carafa at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ. They were recorded in Melissa’s basement on her little Tascam 8 track and with one mic! All these songs were previously released on our Distractions/Goin’ Home double 7″ with the exception of “Yeah, I’m Alive,” which will be coming out on our upcoming 10″ (but a different version!). We thought it would be fun to share these with you, so please enjoy!

Please check out our shows page – lots coming up, including a Virginia weekend tour with Keith Kenny and a January weekend tour with Gypsy Wig!

Our next show is at Maxwell’s on November 13, a week and a day from now! I know its on a Sunday but we play early so we hope you can make it!
Here are the details:

Update: Sparkle Shit is no longer on the show but Black Wine is!!!
Check out the Facebook event page here.

That’s all for now!
Melissa & Paul

Review from Spike Hill

We played last night with I am the Third and The Golden Age of Transit at Spike Hill in Brooklyn. Its a pretty sweet spot and was nice to get to Brooklyn again. Matt from the Vinyl Lounge in Nyack, NY did a review on Surface Noise. Here is the review but make sure to check out the link to see his other posts!

“Melissa & Paul played at Spike Hill in Brooklyn last night. 

Oh Boy… I don’t even know where to begin. 

If you haven’t heard them or heard of Melissa & Paul yet – you will.  Soon, they will be playing shows where it will take you 10 minutes to move 3 feet to the bar to refill your PBR pint.  I have no doubt.

There is something so fresh and so raw and so exciting about what the guitar/drum duo are doing.  Their double 7” (Distractions/Goin’ Home) still continues to blow me away with each listen, and seeing them live is just a great big sigh-of-relief for Rock n’ Roll. Finally. No pretention and no alchemy. Just extreme blues-driven garage punk that shifts the earth off its axis a little more everytime they perform.  

I’m not sure how many old blues records singer/guitarist Melissa has digested in her lifetime, but one thing is for sure – she has got it down.  And her occasional blood-curdling screams are so visceral at times, it is almost disturbing – in a strangely comforting kind of way. 

Paul being such a rock-solid, hard-hitting drummer is an interesting compliment to Melissa already, but at times it almost feels like he is writing harmony with the drums rather than just holding it down.  its got fucking character and it seriously rocks.

Get out and see Melissa & Paul perform. They do it a lot.  Pick up their double 7” (available at Vinyl Lounge in Nyack) and like myself, anxiously await their next release.”

Can you guess which song this is?

Compliments of Melissa of the past. She suggests you play it on keyboard and ignore the bass clef!