Boy Things is also playing!  Also, our 74th show is Thursday at the Court Tavern. Check out our shows page!



by Mike Lesaski  In other news, we’re meeting up with Kevin Carafa at 11am tomorrow to finish the mixing for our next release!  Also, we’re going to be taking THIS down soon, so download it while you can.  IT’S FREE!  Hope to see you tomorrow at the Tuscan benefit show!


UPDATE: Recording done!!!!!!!! 8:04 PM 10/2/2011 – – – so excited for this!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys,
So the past 2 days, we’ve been working with Mr. Kevin Carafa (remember, the guy who recorded our first stuff and who Paul’s in 3 bands with!?!?!) to record new songs!!!!!!!!!!! We are doing 6 songs and are having a complete blast. We finished all the drums yesterday and finished guitar today and have yet to complete vocals. I’m warmin up the ol’ chords right now. We decided to do it a little different this time and track things out, just to have a little less pressure and more room to do stuff. It is coming out brutally brutal and we have been playin around with a lot of things (can anyone say “mic outside the garage door”??!!). Bound to be the gnarliest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

Well, time to get back to work….

Stay sweet,