Sorry for the lack of picture quality, but you can see what we’ve been up to!  We will also have a very limited quantity of some screen printed shirts with the logo from our records.    We have 3 shows this weekend, starting today.  Check our shows page fore more on that!

Review of our show at Maxwell’s!

The review focuses on Modern Hut, who was effin’ awesome, but we’re mentioned briefly!  From Rock NYC Life and Recorded:   “But first, Melissa and Paul, a pretty darn good blues rock duo. A reverse White Stripes  with the guy on drums, claims my friend Bert Contestible.  I hear more of the swampiness of the Cramps.  Bert notes that when you first see the band, you really don’t know what to expect and it is a surprise when this pretty young girl, the Melissa in question, lets loose with a wail and a scream. The first song “Fire” is Ramonesy rocker, the fourth song “Distractions” a hard rocker than ends up as a bluesy jams. Bluesy jams is Melissa and Paul (who also call themselves Vice Versa) reason for being. The set is a touch sloppy but that’s about my only complaint. Paul is a powerhouse drummer who seems intent on letting no hole go uncovered. The audience love em for excellent reason: they are a hard rocking energetic whirligig of riffing.”

Read the full review on Modern Hut HERE.  Next show:  This Saturday!  See shows page for more info.  Also, the vice versa thing isn’t true ha.  They just put that on the door when they wrote our name with the rest of the bands…weird!  Honest mistake.  We’re stoked to play with Modern Hut again.