About to go mail out

The double 7″ masters and artwork!  We’ve been scrambling over the past week or so to prepare everything for our debut release.  We set a goal to be done and send it out today and it looks like we’re actually adhering to it!  We’ll keep an update on test presses, release dates and our kickstarter.  Speaking of which, if you wanna check that out click HERE.  We have 31 days left and we’re way over half way to our goal! If you would like to contribute and help us reach it that would be awesome!  We have some pretty interesting offerings and should be adding test presses to the mix!  Sorry for all the exclamations…this is just exciting.  Expect audio soon.

Anyway, the acoustic show at the record store was awesome.  All of the bands and solo artists made the night fun and enjoyable.  Thank you Eyeconik Records for hosting the event and of course for all the soup and hot cocoa.  That place is kind of special to us.  Newborns are to hospitals as we are to Eyeconik Records.  Here’s a snap from that taken by my cousin.  Check out his clothing line and extreme sports videos HERE.  Videos from it soon.



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