Hello~! From Melissa & Paul

So we buckled.  We were trying to be all mysterious and avoid having an online home-base, but the pressures to conform devoured our inhibitions.  Anyway, we’ll be posting a bunch of stuff here including but not limited to show info, recording dates, pictures people take of us, videos, lyrics and maybe even some insights into our souls.  We’re joking, but we’re really serious. Remember that.  With that said, we’ll leave you with the first ever photo taken of us from none other than RAWEST VENUE.

This photo was taken by a complete stranger that we met on a fall hike.  They took it when we weren’t looking, but took our email down in their smart phone.  When we got to a computer, there it was…waiting.  Keep checking back for more updates!  Video soon!  We’re going to try to keep this organized.


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