Come dance with us in Brooklyn tonight at THIS!  Also, keep checking back for tunez!  SOON.


TOMORROW, TOMORROW…You’re Only a Day AAAAAwayyyyy!


Recording and more…

As of now, besides the audio files, this photo is the only known evidence of our sesh with  Kevin Carafa at Backroom Studios in Rockaway on Saturday.  We wound up tracking everything live, so it should sound exactly how we sound….live or close enough for comfort! Keep checking back for updates on that.

Also, come rock out with us for Melissa’s birthday on Saturday!  The big TWO-ONE.  This show is also a benefit for Mustache Magazine, a local zine started by three ladies who really care about what’s going on locally and beyond when it comes to music and art!

Dynamic Duo by Kevin Carafa

We start recording tomorrow with man that snapped this!  Oh, and check the top- added a “REEL” section which will be the home-base for videos with us in them and a “FRIENDS” section with links to our friends’ bands, establishments and other things!  Hopefully we’ll keep building on that.

In other news, Melissa teamed up with members of Indian Princess for some acoustic jams under the name Calamine. They’re slated to play a show next Thursday and on the 30th.  Keep checking back for recording updates and more…

“til next time.

Ta Ta.

Playing Brooklyn on my Birthday!!!!

Hey guyssssss,
I’m excited to announce that we are playing Good Friend Electric on my birthday, January 29th. It’s a Saturday night and I’m turning 21…every good reason to come and danceeee =). More details sooooon. I’m also excited to announce that we are recording some songs with Mr. Kevin Carafa at Backroom Studios this Saturday, so one day in the future Melissa and Paul will finally have recordings.

Enjoy your day!!
Miss Melissa

The Cranberry Castle Presents….

We’re playing Cranberry Castle today with our friends Indian Princess, Rabbit Troupe, Good Friend Electric, The Grifters and more!  We’re going to be taking a bit of a different approach to our songs and possibly introducing some new jams.  Come check it out!  Also, saw Bartholomew last time and he was effin awesome…stoked on that!

10 Lakeview trail Cranberry Lake, NJ 07821

$2 suggested donations at the door:

Hopeless valentine 3:00-3:25
Young legs 3:35-4:00
Tyler & James of Good Friend Electric 4:10-4:40
Cephalopods And Their Allies 4:50-5:20
Paul & Melissa 5:30-6:05
Rabbit Troupe 6:15-7:00
Bartholomew 7:10-7:55
The Grifters 8:05-8:50
Indian Princess 9:00-10:00

“Please remember, parking here is difficult. Try and carpool if you can, and we will also have someone to pick people up from the local park and ride for anyone willing to park there. Thanks :)”

Click HERE for the facebook event.

Playing Brooklyn Friday and more!

We’re stoked to share that we’re returning to Good Friend Electric (255 Mckibbin Street apt 110) in Brooklyn this Friday to rock out with our friends, The Flops and more!  We just listened to The Flops’ demo and it’s awesome- a good mix of thrash, punk and in-your-face rock!  Thank you Tyler for having us back!  There’s also talks of us playing there on Melissa’s birthday…more on that soon.

We may be hitting up the show at the Underground before our trek to Brooklyn to see Rabbit Troupe, Gypsy Wig (New project from ex Birth Screams and Steve’s War– think Dinosaur Jr.)  and more!  In the meantime, click the image below to check out this high quality video of our song “Ocean,” which we’re recording on the January 22nd.

Eric Durkin shot this during an early New Year’s celebration at the  Stanhope House on 12/29/10.  It’s just a small snap of what was a very memorable evening.  We suggest you check out his vimeo page, especially his short titled, “Routine.”  Definitely hits home…ENJOY!

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