We kept true to our NJ roots even in Seattle!!



Kevin Carafa took most of these at John Fisher’s birthday show!


So, we’ve been keepin’ ourselves  pretty busy as we prepare for the next album.  Here are some photos that document some of the good times we’ve been having recently!

Some Pics from Our Show in Rockaway 2 Weeks Ago

Thanks to Little Punk People!

Pics/ Video From Stanhope House on 11/23

Thanks to LITTLE PUNK PEOPLE!  Also, our 75th show of the year is tonight (85th overall)!  Rockaway.

Can you guess which song this is?

Compliments of Melissa of the past. She suggests you play it on keyboard and ignore the bass clef!


by Mike Lesaski  In other news, we’re meeting up with Kevin Carafa at 11am tomorrow to finish the mixing for our next release!  Also, we’re going to be taking THIS down soon, so download it while you can.  IT’S FREE!  Hope to see you tomorrow at the Tuscan benefit show!

Some Shots from Trumbullplex- Detroit, MI

8.23.11  Thanks to Cale Kehoe.

Tour Update

Hey dudesss,
We’ve been having a total blast on tour! We are currently in Tampa, Florida at The Hold Tight House and wanted to share some pictures with you all before we go to sleep! Here’s a glance at what we’ve been doing recently:

We’ll keep you updated whenever we get the chance! Also, check our facebook page for little updates and more pictures! Off to sleep..and Gainsville tomorrow.

Photos from the Tuscan Cafe last night thanks to Chris Postlewaite

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