Updates on Record & Tour with Conor & the Stonehill Kids!

Hey guys!
Sorry its been a while! We haven’t been so good at this blogging thing…we keep up to date on our shows page though! Anyway, we have some news on our new record! On April 13th, 2012 we are releasing a new EP called “Live Hard.” It is going to be a 10″!! We recorded it at The Bedside Manor in October and are very excited about it. The album is being released by Gruff Beard Records and Bedside Manner. Now we are label-mates with Dead Ringer! A couple days ago we got the jackets for the records! Check it out!!

The release show is taking place at The Tuscan Cafe in Warwick, NY. Check out the Facebook event page here.

In more awesome news, we are stoked to be playing 4 consecutive days with Conor & The Stonehill Kids this month! If you haven’t checked them out, you should! The tour is called, “I hate horses,” but….I don’t. Melissa & Paul love animals of all shapes and sizes, including and not limited to Baboons, Mandrils, Lizards, Sloths, and Firebelly Newts. Check it outtttt!!

March 22 is no longer at Pearly Bakers….it is at a self storage facility in Newton, NJ with our new friends Top Soil. Ask us for directions!

Check out our shows page for more dates! We have one coming up on March 10th (this Saturday) and one on the 16th, where we hopefully will be playing a new tune. Woohoo!!!!

love n lizards,
melissa & paul


Tonight We’re playing THE IHOP ESTATE in Philly w/ Gypsy Wig, Come and Ape.  No flyer for that but:




Basement Demos & Maxwell’s Next Weekend!

While in the process of figuring everything out for our next release, we wanted to share something with you that we had hidden in our computers for some time now! We recorded these in the winter of 2010 prior to recording with Kevin Carafa at Backroom Studios in Rockaway, NJ. They were recorded in Melissa’s basement on her little Tascam 8 track and with one mic! All these songs were previously released on our Distractions/Goin’ Home double 7″ with the exception of “Yeah, I’m Alive,” which will be coming out on our upcoming 10″ (but a different version!). We thought it would be fun to share these with you, so please enjoy!

Please check out our shows page – lots coming up, including a Virginia weekend tour with Keith Kenny and a January weekend tour with Gypsy Wig!

Our next show is at Maxwell’s on November 13, a week and a day from now! I know its on a Sunday but we play early so we hope you can make it!
Here are the details:

Update: Sparkle Shit is no longer on the show but Black Wine is!!!
Check out the Facebook event page here.

That’s all for now!
Melissa & Paul


Boy Things is also playing!  Also, our 74th show is Thursday at the Court Tavern. Check out our shows page!

Maxwell’s II- The Sequel



Unfortunately, our last two out of state dates of the tour were canceled on account of the Hurricane.  We hope everyone made it through safe!  Our show tomorrow with The Flops, Dead Ringer, The Reasons, and Rabbit Troupe is still on for Mountain Creek.   Hope you can make it out!  In the meantime, check out one of our new songs live in Alabama!  This guy will most likely be on our next 7″ which we’re planning out now!  Also, check out our shows section.  We have a lot coming up in Sept.  We may have to take it easy in October to record, but we’ll sort that out when the time comes.


we trek into the woods for three days via the appalacian trail.  Hope to see you soom!


Tour Dates (still need help filling three if you can!)

August 4th - 929 XPO, Brooklyn NY

August 5th- Tuscan Cafe, Warwick NY

August 6th - The Meatlocker, Montclair NJ

August 7th - The Marvelous Records , Philadelphia PA

August 8th - Charm City Art Space, Baltimore MD

August 9th - Crayola House Harrisonburg, VA

August 10th - Geared Up Rock Bar & Grill Virginia Beach, VA

August 11th – The Blind Tiger Greensboro, NC

August 12th - House Show Atlanta, GA

August 13th - The Shark Tank Tallahassee, FL

August 14th - The Hold Tight House, Tampa FL

August 15th - 1982 Bar, Gainesville FL

August 16th - The Nick Birmingham AL

August 17th - TBA, TN HELP!!

August 18th - Black Sheep Cafe, Springfield IL

August 19th - Ames Progressive, Ames IA

August 20th - Dingus House, Minneapolis MN

August 21st – Reggie’s Music Joint, Chicago IL

August 22nd – THE DAAC Grand Rapids MI

August 23rd - Trumbull Plex, Detroit MI

August 24th - TBA, Cleveland OH HELP!!

August 25th - 222 Ormsby, Pittsburgh PA

August 26th - House Show Buffalo, NY

August 27th (Paul’s Birthday! hah) - TBA, NY HELP!!

August 28th - O’brien’s Pub, Allston MA

August 29th - Pigeon Hole Gallery, New London CT

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