Wrapping up the old year, opening up the new

as we all deserve some honesty and some closure..
we are no longer playing anymore…
we had some really great times and met some really great people
we both are still playing music

HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to everyone who booked us, sang along, danced, bought our music, shared our music, let us sleep on your floors ECT. you know who you are and we do too.

serious love to our buddies in all the bands we toured and played with esp. Dead Ringer, Nude Dudes, Top Soil and Keith Kenny

love and thanks also goes to Starbeat Music, Gruff Beard Records and Kenny Wilson and of course Kevin Carafa for recording us…exactly how we wanted it.

love and luck to Reckless for all the photos and serious support and luck for costa rica birding adventures

Paul is currently playing in Atlas, Hell Mary and Killed by the Bull ~ atlasmakesmusic.bandcamp.com

Melissa is currently playing ~ mellybelly.bandcamp.com

here is a picture of our first show at Maxwell’s…one of our proudest moments as a band


<3 m&p

Make Yourself at Home

Melissa just finished and posted this! It rules!  Check it out!

Upcoming Tour with Dead Ringer!!! Starts this weekend!!

Upcoming Tour with Dead Ringer!!! Starts this weekend!!



We added our 10″ to our store!


Happy Record Store Day!

Our tape is out tonight at Hellz Kitchen in Newark, NJ!  Take a look:




Hope to see you this weekend to celebrate!


Here’s a song off our upcoming 10″/tape!!!!! We hope you like it!

Come celebrate our release at one of these shows!!

*Friday April 13th – VERNON VFW – Vernon, NJ
w/Jessica Joyce, Boy Things, Keith Kenny
Facebook Event

*Saturday, April 14th – THE SUFFOLK – New York City
w/Conor & The Stonehill Kids, Libel, Perp Walk
Facebook Event

**Saturday, April 21st – HELLZ KITCHEN – Newark, NJ Tape Release
w/The Naked Heroes, Six to Eight Mathematics
Facebook Event

*Vinyl Release
**Vinyl & Tape Release

save the whales!

Melissa & Paul




Updates on Record & Tour with Conor & the Stonehill Kids!

Hey guys!
Sorry its been a while! We haven’t been so good at this blogging thing…we keep up to date on our shows page though! Anyway, we have some news on our new record! On April 13th, 2012 we are releasing a new EP called “Live Hard.” It is going to be a 10″!! We recorded it at The Bedside Manor in October and are very excited about it. The album is being released by Gruff Beard Records and Bedside Manner. Now we are label-mates with Dead Ringer! A couple days ago we got the jackets for the records! Check it out!!

The release show is taking place at The Tuscan Cafe in Warwick, NY. Check out the Facebook event page here.

In more awesome news, we are stoked to be playing 4 consecutive days with Conor & The Stonehill Kids this month! If you haven’t checked them out, you should! The tour is called, “I hate horses,” but….I don’t. Melissa & Paul love animals of all shapes and sizes, including and not limited to Baboons, Mandrils, Lizards, Sloths, and Firebelly Newts. Check it outtttt!!

March 22 is no longer at Pearly Bakers….it is at a self storage facility in Newton, NJ with our new friends Top Soil. Ask us for directions!

Check out our shows page for more dates! We have one coming up on March 10th (this Saturday) and one on the 16th, where we hopefully will be playing a new tune. Woohoo!!!!

love n lizards,
melissa & paul

So, we recorded a song last week!

and wanted to share a little something with you as we wait for our 10″ and tapes to be pressed.     You can hear/download it below.  We recorded it at the Burn Room in Oak Ridge, NJ.    Keep checkin’ back for more updates on our record, shows and summer tour with Boy Things.

Note:  this is not a track from the upcoming album.

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